Can Real Men Wear Compression Stockings?

For many men and even some women this may seem a valid question.  But the real question here should be – What is more important, protecting the “Male Ego” and being “Macho” or protecting your health and wellbeing?

Obviously both men and women have very similar types of legs and males as well as females can encounter the same types of venous problems with their legs.  In most cases women are comfortable with wearing compression stockings because stockings or pantyhose are normal everyday clothing items they are used to wearing.  In addition, compression hosiery can be purchased in modern styles and fashionable designs, sheer or opaque to suit any occasion, which makes it almost impossible to identify them as compression stockings.

Most men, on the other hand, have difficulty with the idea of wearing support or compression stockings, especially as a preventive measure to preserve the health of their legs.  Men who are already experiencing problems with leg pains, swelling, varicose veins and venous insufficiency (veins that no longer function correctly in performing their task of returning the blood to the heart) tend to be more open to the subject of wearing compression stockings.  This is especially true after they have experienced firsthand the relief they can bring to the painful symptoms.

Due to established attitudes in society and fear of embarrassment, many males have a hard time adopting the idea of donning support or compression stockings.  They don’t want to have anything to do with traditionally “female” stockings.  Nevertheless, men often need the support these leg garments have to offer too.

On the preventive side even without the presence of any venous conditions, good support socks, stockings or pantyhose can make the difference between heavy, tired and achy feeling legs versus energized and invigorated feeling legs after a long [work] day on your feet or prolonged periods of sitting and inactivity.  There are simply no good or logical reasons why men cannot wear support stockings or pantyhose too to keep their legs healthy.  To deliver the most effective support for your legs, the support hose should be made with fibers of at least 70 Den*) weight, or even better, 140 Den.

If your physician has prescribed compression stockings for you, in most cases there may already be an existing condition or significant symptoms involving the veins.  The bottom line – even as a man there should be no need to hide when it comes to your health and wellness.  Depending on your condition – whether you need to wear knee-high, thigh-high or pantyhose style compression stockings, your health and wellbeing should always come first.

Many men have already discovered the benefits of support and compression stockings for preserving their leg health.  Especially brave men who do not adhere to a dress code may even dare to wear shorts with their compression or support stockings during the hot summer months in order to prevent trapped heat under long pants.  Remember, compression stockings can only benefit your health if they are worn regularly from the time you get up all day and if possible every day.

*) Den or Denier = Thickness of one thread of fiber used in manufacturing hosiery.  The lower the denier number, the lighter and finer the yarn and the sheerer the stocking or pantyhose.  The denier number is numerically equal to the weight, in grams, of 9,000 meters of fiber or yarn.  For comparison a human hair for example is approximately 50 denier in thickness.

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  1. V. Desler says

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  2. Gregory says

    Thank you for this comment to encourage men who should be wearing compression stockings. With regard to the compression socks I’m assuming that your husband has varicose veins below the knee only. Otherwise his physician may likely have recommended compression stockings that go all the way up to the thigh area.

  3. Liz Witten says

    My husband’s doctor recommended that he wear compression stockings. At first, he said no way is he going to wear old lady stockings. He has very bad varicose veins and he finds them painful. I shopped around online, and came across They had a very wide selecion of MENS compression SOCKS. I spoke with the knowledgeable customer service reps on the site and they informed me that socks and stockings would in fact do the same for him medically if he was purchasing the recommended compression. We took his measurements and bought him a pair of Jobst for men knee high socks in the 20-30mmHg compression. When they arrived, he loved them! They are specifically designed for men. They are ribbed and have enough room for his big feet! The shipping was free and i received my order within 72 hours of purchasing. I highly recommend to anybody who are first time wearers of these compression garments!!!

  4. Michele M. says

    Wow, I really took pleasure in this post. Kudos to you for a worthwhile read. Cheers!

  5. Gregory says

    Thank you for this great comment. That’s the kind of open mindedness that is needed among men and women.

  6. Mike says

    Common sense points. Male and females have legs. If appropriate support pantyhose is the answer and it means the proper preventive measures to good leg health it seems to be a justified means to good ends. Regardless if a typical female garment, learn to wear them regularly and you will find a remarkable difference.

  7. mrowan0 says

    I have worn opaque compression pantyhose for years and nobody has noticed. It shouldn’t really matter if you need to wear them as I do. I don’t wear them with shorts, but I do wear them with trousers and no socks, because they would then be too hot. Nice post!

  8. Anonymous says

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  12. Gregory says

    If you have venous issues support hosiery with graduated compression (compression stockings) may be most helpful. But make sure to discuss things with your physician first.

  13. Mark says

    I often wear my support opaque tights under shorts. I have various styles and colors of tights that I wear with my shorts. With my wifes help, I am getting good at coordinating my tights with my outfit. Tights aren’t just on the fashion strips in Paris, they are on the streets of villages, towns, and big cities. The tights made a big difference in my leg health.My legs feel so much better after a day of work. I wish I started wearing a long time ago. .

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  17. John W says

    I have started to wear shorts with my compression stockings and have noticed that I seem to be the one who is feeling nervous. Most people don’t seem to notice. I normally wear a natural skin colour so it is not so noticeable. If you feel unsure try wearing a thin knee high regular sock over them. As more and more guys start to wear them they will become more acceptable. You might want to be aware that the new line from Mediven called “Comfort” in the USA, come with an adjustable waist band so can be adjusted so they are not so tight around the waist. I have been wearing compression stockings since 1994…continously.

  18. Anonymous says

    A large percentage of of the things you say happens to be supprisingly appropriate and that makes me wonder why I had not looked at this with this light before. This post really did switch the light on for me personally as far as this issue goes. Nicely done.

  19. Terry says

    I wear my 20-30 Beige/Suntan pantyhose quite a-bit with shorts ( do shave what hair is left on my legs). It appears like very few people notice. I normally wear khaki shorts just above the knee, I like long sleeve t-shirts, and crew socks with low hiking type shoes. I never have had anybody make a negative comment, giggle, or a funny look.
    I also go walking on a regular basis with people around, go to the grocery store, Walmart, etc, etc, nobody called the newspaper, CNN, there were no helicopters flying over. LOL
    If you show confidence in yourself, and try to go about your daily life like you are not even wearing hose, that’s what makes the difference. After all it is for your leg health. And if you have you been given a prescription, well.
    But really it’s all in our head, take little steps, people just don’t care.
    Please go for it!

  20. Gregory says

    Thanks for your input Larry. I’d say whenever you feel comfortable with it. I think I understand where you are coming from and I haven’t reached that point either yet to be quite honest. It should really not be such a big deal and hopefully our society’s outdated thinking will eventually give way to a more open mindset.

  21. Larry says

    Great article but when do you bite the bullet and wear them under your shorts? Today it is 101 degrees with high humidity. Can’t wear them under my jeans – too hot! Thank you!

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