Do You Prefer Open Toe or Footless Compression Stockings?

If you are like most people and prefer to keep things more airy and give your toes and feet lots of wiggle room during the summer months you need support hose and compression stockings that are designed to accommodate you in that way.

Therefore sheerer types of footless and open toe compression stockings are obviously the preferred choice for women and men during the warmer and hotter seasons of the year.

Compression and support hosiery that does not cover up the toes or feet give the wearer a whole new freedom in spite of wearing compression stockings.  Let’s just say it “There really is no better option than going toeless or footless in compression and support hosiery during the often sizzling temperatures of the summer time”, unless of course your particular condition does not permit it.

Compression and support hose or stockings without the toe or foot portion allow us to wear sandals and flip flops and of course peep-toe shoes for work or more formal occasions.

Going footless or open toe one can still get the benefit of graduated compression and support while maintaining the more polished “better than bare” look of hosiery.

Without the stocking feet it is also so much easier to go barefoot when heading for the beach, having fun at a park or just hanging out in our own backyard.

The most important benefit of open toe or footless compression stockings however is that it encourages individuals who need to wear them to do so regularly rather than abandoning them during the summer months because they are “too hot”.

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Are Open Toe or Footless Compression Stockings Better For You?

Show off your Strappy Heels with Open Toe and Footless Compression Stockings
Show off your Strappy Heels with Open Toe and Footless Compression Stockings

There really is no “one size fits all” type answer for this.  It always depends on your particular situation and medical condition. Some individuals are more comfortable wearing open toe compression stockings while others are more partial to footless type support hosiery.

The footless types of compression stockings and support hose definitely permit the wearer the most possible freedom e.g. if they would like to go barefoot without any sandals and flip flops.

Similar to high street tights and stockings today’s compression stockings are available in very sheer styles and fashionable colors to complement all your spring and summer apparels.

Another consideration would be if the person has problems with swelling in the feet and ankles, in which case it is obviously more effective to wear compression stockings that cover the foot and ankle up to the toes.


Benefits and Advantages of Open Toe or Footless Compression Stockings

  • No cramping and crowding of the toes (which can be especially bothersome with foot problems such as bunions, toe nail issues or highly sensitive toes)
  • Easier donning and doffing of the compression stockings (using a removable sliding insert to reduce friction between the foot and fabric)
  • Ideal for summer footwear (sandals, flip flops and other open toe shoes)
  • Keep the toes and feet cooler and breezier during the summer heat
  • Supportive, shaping and toning effect due to the graduated compression
  • Women can show off their pedicure and painted toe nails


Contra Indications for Footless Compression Stockings

You should not wear footless compression stockings if you have been diagnosed with moderate or severe edema or if you have venous insufficiency.  Please check with your physician too whether you can wear open toe compression stockings, leggings or pantyhose or if a closed toe style would be best.

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