Which Compression Stockings are Best for the Summer Heat?


Hot Compression Stockings That are Not Too Hot for the Summer

With the high summer months and hotter to sometimes scorching temperatures approaching quickly, the thought of wearing compression stockings becomes more and more unappealing for many and a nightmare for some.

Nevertheless, it is imperative to remember that especially during the months of soaring temperatures it is more important than ever to provide extra support for your leg veins to keep them from weakening and to prevent blood from pooling in the legs.

Unfortunately it is a fact that compression stockings can feel hot in the summer heat to the degree of being rather uncomfortable largely due to their materials, thickness and compression levels.  This is particularly the case when compression stockings are worn underneath long pants as it is the case with many men who are not able or would not dare to wear compression hosiery openly for a variety of reasons.

Like other clothing items, compression socks, stockings, tights and pantyhose are not all created equal.  Depending on the fiber materials and knitting processes used for their production, the resulting support garments can be very different in both quality and how they feel on the legs.


Are there Compression Stockings Specifically Designed for Summer Wearing?

This is a very valid and frequently raised question.  Donning and doffing compression stockings can become particularly bothersome in the summer heat. It took manufacturers a long time to pick up on the apprehension and dismay of individuals who must wear compression stockings year round.

Finally, within the last few years, manufacturers have risen to the challenge.  Their product designers and development engineers have come up with some innovative solutions to make compression stockings more comfortable and more attractive even in warmer temperatures.


Summer Compression Stocking Features to Keep you Cool and Looking Hot

  • Moisture wicking fibers help keep the skin cool and dry
  • Antimicrobial treated fiber materials kill bacteria and prevent odor
  • Sheerer fibers and specialized knitting techniques let your skin breathe
  • High fashion colors and creative design patterns camouflage the traditional compression stocking look
  • A variety of styles such as footless, knee high and thigh high compression stockings, footless compression pantyhose and tights as well as compression leggings can keep you cool and looking hot


Compression Stockings and the Coolness of Moisture Wicking Fibers

You may be thinking – what is moisture wicking?  This term is frequently found in the descriptions of modern garments including hosiery.  Moisture wicking is simply the ability of the knitted fibers to pull moisture (also commonly known as perspiration or sweat) away from the skin and push it to the surface of the garment, where it can evaporate quickly.

This is definitely a good thing because it virtually eliminates the sticky, clammy feeling that creeps up on you if you are sweating when wearing fabrics such as cotton, which can have a tendency to trap moisture rather than releasing it.


Compression Hosiery Featuring Antimicrobial Treatment

Close fitting compression hosiery can contribute to increased perspiration especially during the hottest season of the year.  To prevent these tight fitting garments from trapping too much heat, manufacturers try to make compression stockings as breathable as possible.

In addition, to protect the wearer against odor causing bacteria, many of today’s more advanced fibers are infused or coated with silver, which just happens to be the best antimicrobial substance known to man.  Silver has a seemingly magical ability to neutralize bacteria by simply strangling the microbes, thereby leaving the compression garment odor free and smelling fresh.  In most cases the silver content is enough to last for the life of the garment.

Some hosiery products are made of chemically treated fibers to achieve anti-microbial treatment.  Chemically treated fibers or garments have occasionally been subject to ridicule, questioning their safety because of the possibility of the chemicals being absorbed into the skin, especially with perspiration.

Compression stockings containing a high percentage of silver are particularly ideal for individuals suffering from recurring infections, skin breakdown and ulcers. For example, compression stockings with high silver content can eliminate over 99% of bacteria such as Streptococcus Pyogenes, Staphylococcus Aureus and Candida Albicans. Many high-end brand name compression stockings also incorporate anti-static and hypo-allergenic properties.


Sheer and Ultra Sheer Compression Stockings for Summer Fun

If you are searching for compression socks or thigh high stockings and support pantyhose for the summer season, the product features to zero in on are sheer and ultra-sheer combined with characteristics such as excellent breathability and gentleness on the skin.

Another indicator for sheerness to look for is the Denier*) value of the compression stockings.  The lower the stated Denier number, the lighter and breezier the hosiery will be.

Advanced light weight fibers such as double covered spandex combined with specialized knitting techniques can accomplish just that. They permit your skin to breathe while ensuring the highest wearing comfort with cuddly softness and no irritations.

Another “cool” fiber technology that should be mentioned here is the miracle of microfibers.  We won’t go into any real techno babble here other than to point out that microfibers have the capability to absorb and transport heat away because they contain lots of tiny air pockets.

Hence the old adage – You Get What You Pay For – in most cases it is true that the more expensive brands of compression stockings and hosiery in general offer the highest levels of sheer comfort and softness because those manufacturers also use the highest quality yarns the market has to offer and state of the art manufacturing technologies.

*) Denier is simply an established measurement for the weight (linear mass density) of fibers. The denier is based on a natural standard: A single strand of silk is approximately one denier. A 9,000-meter strand of silk weighs about one gram [Source: Wikipedia].


Compression Stockings Can Hide Behind Designer Colors and Creative Designs

Fresh, bright and dazzling colors are giving compression stocking wearers a boost in more than one sense of the word these days.

But it doesn’t have to stop there, compression hosiery is not only available in a much wider range of fashion colors, you can also find them highlighting attractive and trendy designs.

This mainstream fashion integration of compression stockings aims to inspire any wearer of compression hosiery to pair them with a wide range of fashion choices including sandals and open toe high heels.

Luxurious sheerness and a stylish comfortable wearing experience have become attributes that no longer only describe high end fashion hosiery but today’s compression hosiery as well.


Our Preferences for Summer Compression Stockings Styles

Compression pantyhose and compression tights, even if they are the sheerer types, are definitely our least favored choice for the high temperature season of the year.

Our second least favored would be toeless or open toe compression pantyhose or tights which in many cases can be rather annoying and bothersome for the wearer with their so called toe thong.

Somewhat appealing but still hotter than we would prefer it is footless or Capri style compression hosiery.

Sheer and ultra-sheer knee high and thigh high compression stockings are definitely our winners when it comes to beat the summer heat.  This of course also includes all toeless and footless variants of knee high and thigh high compression stockings as well as thigh high compression leggings.

Our absolute favorites for summer compression stocking fun are hands down the stay up type thigh high compression stockings with silicone backing inside the top band to hold them in place.

To wear thigh high compression stockings successfully without having to readjust them frequently throughout the day, it really pays to spend the time to get the measuring and sizing just right.  If you size them too big they will end up at your ankles and if you size them to small the hold up band will cut into your thigh and have a tendency to roll, which is equally uncomfortable.

For additional information on the subject of measuring and sizing please follow the link below.

Problems with Graduated Compression Stockings – The Importance of Correct Measurements and Sizing


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