Can Compression Socks or Stockings Help With Arthritis?

Arthritis is a disability comprised of more than 100 different diseases and conditions.  It has a multitude of possible causes, which can involve various organs and even the immune system of the body.

In very simplified terms, arthritis can be described as an irritation and soreness of the joints, or in a more medical term, joint inflammation.  The severity and pattern of the condition depends on the specific type of arthritis.

According to the CDC it is estimated that in the United States alone approximately 50 million adults are diagnosed with arthritis and on a world wide scale in excess of 350 million people. The most frequently occurring forms of arthritis are osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, fibromyalgia and gout.

To discuss all variations of arthritis would go far beyond the scope of our blog website.  Arthritis in all of its forms still requires a significant amount of research and to date much is still unknown about the exact causes of this very painful and often debilitating disease.

For the purpose of exploring the possible benefits of compression stockings for individuals suffering from arthritis, our focus here shall be some of the most common symptoms of arthritis, which are pain and swelling in the legs and feet.

Leg and joint pain associated with arthritis can range anywhere from a mild aching sensation to an intermittent more severe pain with a throbbing quality.  While sustained use of leg and foot joints can worsen the pain and swelling, prolonged rest of the affected joints can also cause pain once the individual tries to move their legs and feet again (e.g. upon wakening) because of stiffness that has set in during rest.


What Can Compression Stockings Do For Arthritis Sufferers?

Compression socks and compression stockings with mild compression not only can help boost blood circulation but also relieve stiffness and aching of the joints.  Lighter to moderate compression can help with arthritis pain in the legs and feet.  Special compression socks for arthritis sufferers are also designed to help keep the feet and joints warm and dry.  Some manufacturers even offer uniquely designed toe socks to ensure increased comfort by providing maximum give and movement for the toes and feet.


A WORD OF CAUTION: As with any changes you are making that could affect your health make sure to discuss your questions and concerns with your physician.  It is important to ensure that you have no existing conditions or illnesses that would preclude you from wearing compression socks or stockings.


Compression Stocking Benefits for Arthritis Patients:

  • Increased circulation in the legs and feet
  • Relief of aches, pain and stiffness caused by arthritis
  • Prevention or reduction of swelling (edema) in the legs and feet
  • Improved circulation, which can help prevent cold feet
  • Moisture reduction – modern light weight fibers help wick away moisture and keep the feet dry and odor free.

In summary, compression stockings can put the spring back in your step.  Their therapeutic compression can sooth legs, knees, calves, ankles and feet with warming, pain relieving and gentle compression all while giving the right amount of support to boost blood circulation and reduce swelling.

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