Types of Compression Stockings

Types of Compression Stockings

Basically we distinguish four categories of compression or support stockings, whereby the latter two types may be perceived to be a better fit for preventive “Leg Wellness”.

1. Anti Thrombotic or Anti Embolism TED [Thrombo-Embolic-Deterrent] Compression Stockings

Anti thrombotic compression stockings may be used to help prevent blood clots and pulmonary embolisms.  They are administered to hospitalized or other ongoing care patients who are immobile or who have undergone an operation.  These types of compression stockings are not suitable for walking or sitting patients due to the low pressure they provide and how they are knitted.  For identification purposes anti thrombotic or TED stockings are only manufactured in white.


2. Medical [Graduated] Compression Stockings

Medical compression garments are a medically effective treatment option for conditions affecting the venous or lymphatic system, such as varicose veins or varicosities.  They apply a specific pressure on the tissue and veins, compressing bulging veins to their normal diameter.  If the venous valves are intact they will function normally and push the blood towards the heart, preventing it from flowing back down the leg or arm.  Medical compression stockings are classified in different levels of compression whereby the compression strength gradually decreases up the leg.  Modern compression stockings are manufactured from high tech fibers that offer sheerness, breathability and a cool, smooth and fashionable appearance.


3. Light Weight Compression Stockings & Support Stockings

Support stockings are recommended as preventive care for people without pre-existing vein or lymphatic conditions.  Anyone who spends long periods of time sitting or standing on their job, suffers from leg pain or fatigue, has swelling or tightness, women during pregnancy or travelers on long trips can benefit from these types of compression and support hose, which is available off the shelf and ready to wear. Light weight compression and support hosiery features different levels of graduated support (not to be confused with medical graduated compression stockings) with decreasing pressure from the ankles up to the thighs.  If used early enough, their preventive benefits can translate into prolonged health for your legs.


4. Wellness Stockings

Wellness stockings are designed to rejuvenate stressed and fatigued legs.  Special weaving and knitting techniques using the latest stretch and micro fibers promise the wearer of these leg savers silky softness and/or massaging action all day long.  Supportive and cuddly, this leg wear comes infused with Aloe-Vera, caffeine and other extracts to provide a soothing experience for body and mind.

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